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2023 Spartans Pre-Season Overview...Age Ain't Nun But a Number

It's been a busy off-season for the 3X WNFC Champions. The Spartans head into the 2023 pre-season in search of a new starting Center, with an infusion of youth, and looking to replace 4 years of offensive explosiveness left behind by RB Rasan Gore, who signed this off-season with the Mississippi Panthers.

The 2023 season is set to be the most challenging for the Spartans on the field (with skyrocketing league talent and competition). Coach Jenkins and her staff will be tasked with managing the largest roster (67) in the history of the club, as well as adding a spark of youth to a group of starters who average 36 years of age.

Not only did the Spartans raise the IX CUP trophy as the best team in the WNFC, but they also took the title for the most "seasoned" squad.

Jenkins does not seem to be too concerned about the age of the team.

"Every year there is a challenge and every year we show how we prepare for and attack challenges." - Jenkins said

Coach O's resolve may be affected by her 77-2 record as a head coach, or the fact that the 2023 incoming class has an average age of 27 years old, with the youngest being 17-year-old Iyana Harris. Any way you slice it, the Spartans are in for a shake-up this season.

The whisper around the club is that the 2023 rookies class is set to be one of the best yet. Rarely in the club's short history, have new faces come into the organization and garnered an immediate starting spot (Jelani Kelly, Tammie Moore, Satoria Bell, and Jewell Grimsley to name a few).

The 2023 class will challenge that notion.

This 17-member class is being anchored by 6 rookies that you should keep an eye on:

Tara Thomas (RB,WR)

Allyssa Weatherd (LB)

Desirea McGinnis (TE, OT)

Nyeisha Wright (WR)

Mike Fortson (LB, SS)

Shantia Creech (DB)

The starting 11 will be a tough club to get into with 20 of 22 starters returning, and 47 or 52 rostered athletes returning from last season.


Offense: Brittany Bushman (QB)

Umeki Webb (OT)

Shavonne Ford (OT)

Rachel May (OG)

Tammie Moore (OG)

Sarah Clark (TE)

Brittany Satterwhite (WR)

Liz Landry (WR)

Amanda Heilman (WR)

Maria Jackson (WR)

Destanie Yarbrough (RB/FB) - IR

Jelani Kelly (FB)


Olivia Griswold (DE)

Jew Grimsley (SS)

Kash Singleton (FS)

Deana Simmons-Guidry (LB)

Janice Mitchell (LB/SS)

Denesha Richardson (DB)

Jessica Collins (DB)

Angellica Grayson (LB)

Amber Kimbrough (LB)

LeShaunte Bowman (DE)

Latoria Randile (DT)

Fancy Robinson (DT)

Questions That Need To Be Answered Headed Into Training Camp: Who will be the Spartan's Starting Center? Starting center Elizabeth "Dillow" Jenkins announced her retirement this season after leading the Spartan's offensive line to three straight WNFC championships. Dillow has fully transitioned to leading the O-line as the full-time Offensive line coach. The obvious "next up" would be the backup center/OG Amanda Morgan. Morgan has been studying Dillow for the past 3 seasons and seems primed to lead this powerhouse veteran offensive line. Will Morgan take first snaps headed into the 2023 season, or does now 'Coach' Dillow have other plans?

Is there a rookie skill player good enough to command a starting spot in Spartan's defense? The Spartans have proven to have the best defense in football over the past 3 seasons. Allowing an average of 3 TDs, PER SEASON. Is there an ELITE rookie in this class who will break into this first vaunted 11?

Who will step up and take the offensive touches that Rasan Gore left behind? The Spartan's offense is highlighted by an unparalleled passing attack, led by all-world QB Brittany Bushman, and returning WRs, Liz Landry, Maria Jackson, and Brittany Satterwhite. What remains to be seen is what will happen with the snaps and touches that Gore left behind. Veterans Destanie Yarbrough, Kesz Wesley, and Ashely McBay are front-runners to get more touches in the run game. Amanda Heilman and TE Sarah Clark are looking to command more attention in the passing game. Rookie tailback Tara Thomas is showing early signs of special talent, while wideout Nyesha Wright's speed and power are turning the heads of the coaching staff. Coach Mosses and Coach Jenkins have tough questions to answer and big shoes to fill.

Stay tuned for more as the season goes along. And be sure to purchase your 2023 season ticket here.

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