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Spartans Win Opener 35-12, Headed to Houston for the I-45 Show-Down against the 1-0 Mambas

The Texas Elite Spartans defeated the Mississippi Panthers in front of an electric crowd of 1,000 people at Max Goldsmith Stadium on Saturday night. The Panthers came out charging through the air, and never stopped, passing the ball 98% of the time for a league-high 46 passing attempts over 50 offensive possessions.

The Spartan's defense was high flying and advantageous. Deflecting two passes, and one picked off by JROC Collins (DB). The Spartan's defensive performance was led on the interior by newcomer Allyssa Weatherd (LB), veteran Defensive Player of the Year Deana Guidry (LB), and hard-hitting safety Janice Mitchelle (SS).

Spartans lockdown DB Denesha Richardson was challenged with covering Panthers top receiver Rashida Young. Young started early with a 16-yard reception in Panther's first possession. The outburst was quickly shut down by Richardson, who held Young scoreless for the night with only 2 catches.

Weatherd, Mitchelle, and Guidry led the team in tackles with 6 combined tackles for a loss.

Rasan Gore and the Panther's offense failed to incorporate the run game, leaving the former league MVP running back with a 41% completion rating, with 19/46 total passes on the night. Two big-time TDs were put on the board by Panthers newcomer Natalie Nicks, who put up 6 catches for 2 TDs on the Spartans.

The Spartan's offense seemed to get everything they wanted. Two untimely turnovers spoiled 2 positive drives.

League MVP QB Birttany Bushman controlled the night and was in top form, throwing for 184 yards and completing 12/17 attempts. Bushman ended the night completing passes to 8 different receivers (including a TD by Maria Jackson) with a QB rating of 101.1.

Spartans All-Pro slot receiver Brittany Satterwhite moved to the RB position and racked up 126 yards on 18 carries, for 2 TDs. Satterwhite is the Spartan's first 100+-yard rusher in a regular season game since joining the WNFC.

The Spartans will go into Week 2 as the #1 ranked team in the league.

Next, the Spartans take on the 1-0 Houston Mamabas on the road. The Mambas defense held the Denver Bandits to 0 points in their opener. Stream the game live on wSCORE Saturday night!

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