Texas Elite Spartans Renew Partnership With NeuroSport™ For the 2019 Season

NeuroSport™ works with athletes, coaches, trainers, personnel directors, scouts, agents, and parents across the country. They employ empirical science based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ (MBTI™), neuroscience, and a personal intake to pinpoint the precise innate physical and mental wiring of an athlete.

Anne “Kip” Watson and NeuroSport have supported the Texas Elite Spartans athletes and coaches for many years. The team refers to Watson as their “brain coach”. The undefeated Spartans are banking on the benefits of the method to give them a mental edge on and off the field in 2019.

Some common NEUROSPORT™ benefits include:

  • Find out the sports naturally wired to do

  • Know innate physical and mental strengths & weaknesses given sport/position

  • Gain understanding how to stay motivated

  • Improve focus to stay on task and avoid distractions

  • Handle performance pressure or stress and stay reliable

  • Improve communication with parents, teammates, and coaches Improve goal setting, productivity, and follow through

For more information https://braincodecorp.com/