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Texas Elite Spartans to be Focus of Reality Sports Documentary

Updated: Mar 4

DALLAS -- The Texas Elite Spartans announced today that the team will the featured in 'THIS IS SPARTAAA', a short reality sports documentary, capturing training camp with the undefeated defending champions of the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC). The film will air on CaffeineTV later this spring, is being co-directed produced by Jasmine Mayes and Donovan Nwarie , and is sponsored by Dallas based women's leadership company Fearless She.

An exact release date has not yet been announced. The Spartans are the top team in women’s football. The team heads into training camp with a record of 49-0, after the retirement of their hall of fame QB Brittany Bushman, and 9 other starters. The film will follow several players and coaches giving the world a first look behind the scenes of one of the greatest Texas football dynasties of all time.

Can the team reload, shock the world and continue their winning streak against all odds? Or is this the year that the Spartans finally fall?

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