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Texas Elite Spartans welcomes new NFL and WNFC alumni Board members

Dallas, TX —During their Summer Board meeting, The Texas Elite Spartans Board of Advisors voted in new Board members: Charles Ali and Octavia Langston.

The Spartans are the defending Champions of the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC). The team has a history of bringing together Elite athletes who have a rich championship history in women’s sports in Dallas/Fort Worth and around the world. Off the field, our players are educators, healthcare providers, first responders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and more. The Spartans launched in 2018, and are proud to serve and represent the DFW community.

2018 - Undefeated in the IWFL/Best of the West Champions

2019 - Undefeated WNFC Champions

2021 - Undefeated WNFC Champions

2022 - Undefeated WNFC Champions

2023 - Undefeated WNFC Champions

Ali has been a loyal supporter of the organization, and is a DFW community leader and advocate of girls, youth and women in football. Also a former NFL FB who played three seasons with the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals between 2007-2011. After the game he became a college official and an entrepreneur.

Charles dedicates himself to the community by volunteering, mentoring and committing himself to civic causes. He is also the founder and operator of SHIFT NFL FLAG. Sharing Hope Impacting Families Together (SHIFT), a 501c3 organization that focuses on connecting families with resources and individuals that can relate to their individual situations and provide guidance in an effort to help them build the life they want.

Langston played four season in WBB at University of North Florida, after which she had an illustrious all-star career in football, ending her time on the field as a Texas Elite Spartan. Octavia is also an academic and serial entrepreneur. Holding degrees in engineering and is the owner several businesses around the country.

Board members already serving the team are Amy Ashkinazy-Murrell, Latricia Murrell, Dominica Spain, Lakisha Spain, Odessa Jenkins and Elizabeth Jenkins. Elite Women's Football Alliance of Dallas (DBA, Texas Elite Spartans) is a tax-exempt, public, charity whose vision is bridging philanthropy with empowerment of women and girls of all ages through the game of football.

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