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[HTTP] GetData Recover My Files [FULL][Portable] peatdev




The remote host is blocking the transaction, as shown by the following error message. HomeDocumentAndTotals.rxt. The database is located on a remote server. Is there a way to do this? I tried to get this to work by executing [LOTS OF code that does not work] We are trying to get the the data from a table on a remote server so we can update the database to show the totals from the different sites. We are running into an error when we get to the GetData operation. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks. The c# code for the [HTTP] GetData operation is as follows: The sql code for the [HTTP] GetData operation is as follows: [HTTPS] GetDocs [FULL] D'oh! Thanks. [Please insert small victory blurb about yourself here] 2016-10-10T12:16:40.938Z Answered by Erik ReijniersWebsite I get the error: "Unable to retrieve the list of tables. We are also trying to do this by taking the data from the list of tables from a remote server. How can I get the list of tables, in this case, docs. I have the following c# code: var result = (HttpWebResponse)httpWebRequest. GetResponse (); var responseStream = result. GetResponseStream (); var reader = new StreamReader (responseStream); var line = reader. ReadLine (); while (line!= null) { var table = new SqliteTableModel (); // this is where it fails var row = new TableRow { Height = 30 }; var newCell = new TableCell { Width = 200 }; var label = new Label { Text = line }; row. Add (newCell); row. Add (label); Table. Add (row); } I am able to write the data to a local SQLite database, so I know that the data exists. However, when I retrieve the data from the remote server, it does not seem to be valid. Thanks in advance! (BTW, I can confirm that the remote server does have a table with the same name as the one I am trying to retrieve from. Table. Thanks. I have a list of xml files in an array. I am trying to convert them into.docx files using DocX. Here is the code: var docxFiles = new ArrayList (); var fs = new FileStream



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[HTTP] GetData Recover My Files [FULL][Portable] peatdev

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