Thank You to Our 2021 Sponsors and Partners!

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Core Physical Medicine has proudly served as Chiropractors in Coppell, Valley Ranch, Irving, Keller and neighboring areas since November 1996. Our services include chiropractic care, individualized injury rehabilitation, pain management, non-surgical spinal decompression, advanced cold laser therapy, sports therapy, and deep tissue massage. We treat headaches, back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle pain, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, sport injuries, and work/auto related injuries. Quality Mainstream Care for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain.

Covering Sports & Entertainment News in Dallas, Tx and nationwide daily via and weekly via "411 Sports Talk Radio" on 411 Radio Network

NeuroSport Performance Academy

  • Discover scientific insight on innate mental wiring

  • Create consistent high performance

  • Improve mental and physical stamina

  • Increase confidence and limit anxiety

  • Enhance habits, tools and believes to achieve success

Kirra's Braids

  • 4043 E Trinity Mills Rd, Dallas, TX 75287

  • 469-987-0038

  • Improve mental and physical stamina

  • @kirrasbraids

Spirit Realty Capital

​Since 2003, Spirit Realty Capital has relied on seasoned management and a motivated team to become an acknowledged leader in the real estate investment industry. As one of the largest publicly traded triple net-lease real estate investment trusts (REITs) in the country, we invest in and manage a portfolio of single-tenant, operationally essential real estate assets – facilities where our tenants conduct business activities that are necessary for their sales and profits. Our focus on providing investors with a combination of a strong real estate portfolio with healthy cash flow and long-term stability has helped Spirit thrive through fluctuations in economic and financial cycles.

Townsend Lockett

​Townsend Lockett is the standard for the lean, efficient, sophisticated law practice. Defined by our culture of driving our client’s business objectives first and foremost, Townsend Lockett’s practice areas cover all the core components of enterprise, including without limitation, contract drafting and negotiations, intellectual property development, protection and enforcement, business litigation and dispute resolutions, company finance and regulatory compliance. We train and orient our attorneys to seek legal solutions as business solutions, with an eye towards what saves or generates the most dollars for our clients. Our goal is to be your business partner in tandem with being your legal hammer.

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Dee and Hattie 

  • We use an environmentally friendly solvent, EcoSolve by Chevron-Phillips.

  • RestorationWet Cleaning, Ball Gowns...

  • We offer a free Pick-Up and Delivery service Monday though Friday.

  • We have a drive-thru for your convenience!

  • (214) 361 - 0557

Flying Monkey Pub

Corner watering hole with a high-energy vibe, weekday happy hours & an outdoor patio.

  • 819 Jefferson Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

  • (216) 861-6659

Champions Pledge

Sponsor: Randy Cheek 

Player: #12 La Gloria Johnson 

Field Goal Pledge

Sponsor: Sade Sander

Player: #75 Renee Fruean  

MVP Pledge

Sponsor: Trisa Jones

Player: #56 Leanna Spence

Shoutout: Keep up the great work!!!Aunty sooo proud of you!!! Love you lots!!!

Sponsor: Linda Clark

Player: #85 Sarah Clark

Shoutout: Go Sarah

Red Zone Pledge

Sponsor: Yaronda Broussard

Player: #2 Eshombi Singleton

Shoutout: Kick a$% biatch

Sponsor: Holly Robinson-Criswell

Player: #48 Gina Holcomb

Sponsor: Danielle Young

Player: #50 Bruce Jurado

Shoutout: I got u Chikizz .. good luck..!!!

Sponsor: Betty Montalvo

Player: #50 Bruce Jurado

Shoutout: No one ever drowned in sweat!. Work through it, nothing comes without hard word and dedication #fightthroughit

Sponsor: Lakeith Jackson

Player: #6 Olivia Griswold 

Shoutout: Love you Cousin! Continue to live & enjoy your life.. We're so proud of you & truly enjoy watching your success..LaKeith

Sponsor: Angie Henderson 

Player: #72 Natasha Penn

Sponsor: Juanita Hunt

Player: #84 Tykesha Dye

Shoutout: Good Luck Kesh!

Sponsor: Sharron Bland

Player: #84 Tykesha Dye

Sponsor: Annonymous

Player: #40 Tessa Sharman

Sponsor: Sade Sander

Player: #75 Renee Fruean 

Sponsor: Amanda Harvey

Player: #87 Amanda Heilman

Shoutout: Proud of you for chasing your dreams! Love Mandi, Ryan, Aiden