The Most Dangerous Woman In Football

Twitter is up in arms after multiple NBA players recognized Julio Jones as the best wide receiver in football. It can be debated given the other great wide receivers currently playing in the NFL. Women's Football seems to be removed from such debates, most likely, because of the fractured structure of the sport. There are 2 major leagues, 100+ teams, and countless tiers, levels of resources and professionalism. It's hard to nail down the stars of the sport, if you've never seen teams compete against each other.

However, one thing is very clear....some of the best athletes on the planet are currently playing women's football. With the limitations in the sport, it's easy for such athletes to be overlooked.

The Julio vs. Antonio vs. OBJ debate is a fun one. But, think about this... would this even be a conversation if Julio averaged 2 touch downs per game, 90 yards receiving per game, and played both sides of the ball? How impressed would the world be if Julio Jones jumped in at corner and covered Antonio Brown, or picked off Tom Brady? Without a doubt, he would be regarded as the most dangerous man in football (something that just does not exist)!

Allow us to introduce you to Elizabeth "Liz" Landry. Liz stands 5' 10'' and 175 lbs. She is entering her seventh season in women's football, and is searching for a second consecutive national title. In 2017 Liz dominated women's football averaging 1TD, 20 yards per catch, 90 yards per game and was selected as the leagues most valuable player. Liz stunned the women's football world when she was selected and started on the 2017 Gold Medal US National Women's Football team as a defensive back. Coming off of a world title as a DB, Liz returned to the US, to put on one of the most dominate performances (as a wide receiver) in the history of women's football. Over the years, Liz has covered some regarded as the best players that women's football has to offer (Ashley Whisonant - DC, Deana Guidry - SD, Adrienne Smith - Boston, Liz Sowers - KC...). We sat down with Liz to talk about the upcoming season. Interviewer: Did you play college sports, if so where?

Liz: I played college sports at Grayson County College and at Texas Wesleyan University

Interviewer: How do you transition from offense to defense so easily?

Liz: It's all mental. I don't like defeat so I just think about not getting beat on any side of the ball and I adjust accordingly. Defense is my motivation. Offense is a great deal of thinking and schemes. Defense is fun, gruesome, and killer instincts. The adjustment comes with the will to be great!

Interviewer: Who was the best receiver that you ever covered?

Liz: Ashley W. from DC.

Interviewer: Who was the best defender that you ever faced?

Liz: Can't say that I can think of anyone.

Interviewer: What do you want for the women's football players who will come after you?

Liz: I'd like for the profession to be made known more publicly. I'd like for the games to get some tv time and not just on ESPN 3. I'd like for the teams to get more sponsors and for more equality across the board with men sports.

Interviewer: What is your weakness?

Liz: Being to hard on myself. Not knowing when to stop and smell the flowers. Like the saying goes, I'll rest when I die. It sticks to me.

Interviewer: What's the biggest game you ever played in?

Liz: Team USA Championship Game against Canada and The WFA 2017 Championship

Interviewer: Some consider you the best player in women's football, do you care?

Liz: I don't, I could ALWAYS be better! Interviewer: What is your strategy for facing new defenders and new WR's in the IWFL? It's a new league with a new team, How will you set yourself apart? Liz: I mean this in the nicest way possible...every opponent is faceless to me. When I step on the field, they are all the same. My job is to defeat them, whether I am on offense or defense. I study my responsibility and not players. On the field, I am unstoppable. Off the field, I am completely different person. But, when I am lined up across from someone, anyone, they are going to get my best. My only competition is ME

Versatility is something that is regarded highly in sports. We see it on display in the most complex ways in women's football. Liz and her teammates will be displaying just that at their first home game on Sunday, May 6th at Prestonwood Baptist (Lions Stadium) in Plano, TX. Tickets are on sale now for the game. Get your tickets at www.texaselitewomensfootball.com/game-day. For information visit www.facebook.com/TexasEliteWomensFootbal