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2022 USA National Team Has Been Announced, 9 Spartans are On The List. Meet the Texas NINE!

Established in 2010, the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) Women’s World Championship is scheduled to take place every four years, featuring top women’s teams from around the world.

Team USA women’s tackle program in the ONLY USA Football program to finish first in all appearances at world events. The next Women’s World Championship is scheduled to be held in Vantaa, Finland in July 2022

Each year women are chosen from all over the country to compete for a spot on the US National Tackle Football Team. Over 200+ athletes tried out, only 45 were selected to represent the country.

Nine (20% of the national team) players representing the Texas Elite Spartans (DFW-based) were selected to the US national team roster Roster. These nine women represent the largest group of athletes from one team who is on the USA National Team roster. The "Texas Nine" need your support to help get them to Finland.

The Group has a fundraising goal of $32,400 Click HERE to see how you can support the Texas NINE.


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