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Texas Elite Spartans Celebrate Players, Supporters, Coaches, and Fans with Star of Honor Induction

This weekend, the Texas Elite Spartans announced the organizations' first Star of Honor inductees. The Star of Honor, celebrates former players, coaches, fans, and club officials who have made outstanding contributions to the Texas Elite Spartans.

Inaugural Star of Honor inductees are:

Billy F. Hughes Jr. - Coach

Lola W. Jenkins - Fan/Supporter

Lakissha Bowman - Coach

Alberta Brydson - Coach

Jessica Gerhart - Retired Player

Patrick Hughes - Coach

Amari Hollis - Support Staff

Elizabeth "Dillow" Jenkins - Retired Player

Ann "KIP" Rodgers - Support Staff

Skylar Hay - Support Staff

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Elizabeth Doshier
Elizabeth Doshier
Oct 03, 2022

🫶🏽 Bill would’ve been so happy💙💙💙💙

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