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Spartans QB Has Made It Official: Brittany Bushman is Retired

Brittany Bushman, the most accomplished quarterback in the WNFC and the purest passer in women's football history, announced in a private conversation with her team and coaches, that she is officially retiring.

One of the greatest playing careers in football history has come to an end.

And thus Bushman's unparalleled career is capped at 13 seasons. She started as a running back decades ago, even playing in high school. The move to QB was a good one and she has never looked back. She finishes as the most accomplished quarterback in women's football history, and the undisputed G.O.A.T.

Winning national championships in 3 different leagues as a quarterback, going undefeated as the starting quarterback for the 4X WNFC champions and holds two USA Gold Medals at the QB position.

Sidelined by an ACL tear in 2013, that would seemingly force her into an early retirement, and would keep her away from the game for 5 seasons, Bushman returned in 2019 at the urging of Coach Jenkins with the Spartans and has not lost a game since.

Bushman has achieved it all at the QB position:

  • 7 National Titles

  • 2 World Titles (USA Gold Medalist)

  • 5 undefeated seasons

  • 4 straight WNFC championships

  • 3 MVP Trophies

  • A career QB rating of 114 over her career

  • A 2,000 yard season (in only 12 games, she also had 42 TDS and 2 INTS in that season)

  • A championship season with No INTS

To say that Bushman is the greatest quarterback to ever play in the WNFC is an understatement. In the 4 year history of the league, Bushman leads every statistical category that there is at quarterback.

She had a remarkable 60-4 record as a starter in her career, and 19-2 as a starter in the postseason. Coach Jenkins shared these thoughts on Bushman:

"To say that Brittany was special is an understatement. She was the best to do it, and there won't be another one like her. To see what she has done in only 13 seasons of play is a gift to anyone who loves this game. I just want to thank her. Thank her for making this team what it is, and helping me to become a better person and football coach. Brittany could do what others could not. When you watched her throw and then watch others throw there was no contest. She is and will forever be the purest passer and one of the greatest athletes to ever play the QB position male or female, and it is a shame that the National Football Hall of Fame has taken so long to recognize her greatness. She deserves to get in, and when she does, I will be there to see it. The way Brittany Bushman played quarterback, advanced the level of play and professionalism of this game for good. I cannot wait to see what she does in this next chapter." - Coach Jenkins

Brittany's list of records and accomplishments are overwhelming. Texas pro football has never seen a greater, more accomplished quarterback. While she will be remembered for her eye popping throws, and other wordly accuracy, we will just remember her as our QB.

Thank you #8

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