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World-Renowned Performance Coach Anne "Kip" Watson Renews Sponsorship of the Texas Elite Spartans

Anne “Kip” Watson and NeuroSport have supported the Texas Elite Spartans athletes and coaches for many years. The team refers to Watson as their “brain coach”. The undefeated Spartans are banking on the benefits of the method to give them a mental edge on and off the field in 2021.

"I have known Kip as a teammate, as a client, and as a friend. For decades she has committed herself to improve the performance, and lives of athletes and business professionals around the DFW (and the world). We are grateful for the sponsorship but are even more grateful to have Coach Kip on our side." - Odessa Jenkins, Head Coach - Texas Elite Spartans

Some common NEUROSPORT™ benefits include:

  • Find out the sports naturally wired to do

  • Know innate physical and mental strengths & weaknesses given sport/position

  • Gain an understanding of how to stay motivated

  • Improve focus to stay on task and avoid distractions

  • Handle performance pressure or stress and stay reliable

  • Improve communication with family, teammates, and coaches

  • Improve goal setting, productivity, and follow-through

How's Your Mental Game? When the physical potential between athletes is essentially equal, what differentiates the best? The answer is your ability to execute under the most difficult circumstances. That ability comes from being mentally prepared and possessing mental toughness. The good news is every person’s mental game can be developed, just like physical strength and agility. The problem is few people know where to start. We can help. Serious science – Real Results. The NeuroSport™ Assessment pinpoints the strengths, preferences, and limitations of an individual based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ (MBTI™), the most widely-used psychological instrument in the world. Thousands of amateur and professional athletes, coaches, and trainers have taken the MBTI with stunning results. When you understand “how you’re wired,” you can maximize both your physical and mental potential. How NeuroSport™ Works: NeuroSport™ founder and professional athlete, Anne “Kip” Watson, MA, LPC, begins with a one-on-one consultation to understand your unique goals and challenges. Once you’ve completed the NeuroSport™ assessment, Kip creates a detailed analysis with specific recommendations for improving training and motivation, relating to coaches and parents, and dealing with game-day stress. Kip then conducts a hands-on Strategy Session to walk through your profile, answer questions, and recommend a plan for growth. The Coaching Connection™ Research has shown every individual has deeply held preferences for taking in information, decision making, and relating to others. The same holds true for coaches, parents, and teammates. One style of coaching does not work for every athlete. That’s why coaches, family members, and agents often complete the NeuroSport™ assessment. This enables everyone to get on the same page and to produce an environment where the athlete can achieve peak performance.

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